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CEOA“Scripps has been a leader in studying and deciphering important environmental changes since its founding more than a century ago. The new Center for Earth Observations and Applications will continue this leadership and will give UCSD a launching pad for important
programs that will provide vital information for populations around the world."
—Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, UC San Diego

The mission of the Center for Earth Observations and Applications (CEOA) is to stimulate, support and coordinate research and applications in Earth observations. CEOA recognizes that as the science of Earth observations moves toward more complex and integrated research programs, it is imperative to create an infrastructure that helps scientists sustain projects.

STIMULATE: CEOA develops opportunities in multi-disciplinary research and infrastructure, allowing a better understanding of Earth systems through integrated observations and applications. CEOA convenes innovative scientists from across the globe in lecture series, symposia, and workshops. CEOA also increases institutional awareness by sponsoring activities featuring UCSD investigators and creating opportunities for interaction across the campus. In addition, CEOA accesses California’s rich base of industrial and academic leadership to stimulate new techniques and technologies for environmental monitoring.

SUPPORT: CEOA accelerates the successful development of projects by providing an array of resources and services. CEOA efforts focus on launching and incubating projects that will attract significant extramural funding. Post-award support is provided as needed to ensure effective project management. Recognizing the importance of technical, engineering, and administrative staff to successful endeavors, CEOA includes programs for staff in its support and coordination activities.

COORDINATE: UCSD, with its many distinguished schools, laboratories, and centers, provides an excellent foundation for future contributions to understanding the global environment. CEOA facilitates programs that cross division, section, department, and school boundaries, and helps develop partnerships with government agencies, industry, and other academic institutions.

Examples of CEOA activities:

  • Identify, cultivate and secure funding opportunities and provide government relations support for existing and prospective projects.
  • Host meetings and workshops to promote UCSD’s leadership in Earth observations and applications.
  • Organize seminars to develop and facilitate partnerships.
  • Synthesize and distribute periodic updates on targeted funding opportunities and government priorities.
  • Coordinate and support a technical staff forum.
  • Explore ways to optimize the technical staff to increase retention and provide stability.
  • Analyze successes and failures of multidisciplinary proposals to improve future success.
  • Provide assistance as needed to coordinate, develop and assemble complex proposals.
  • Create and coordinating a poster day to stimulate cross-unit dialog and learning.
  • Develop a speaker series to familiarize staff with campus capabilities and activities.
  • Provide data management guidance and expertise.

Center for Earth Observations and Applications
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0225
(p) 858.822.2946 (f) 858.822.3372